About Crystal Horizons

Who we are

Crystal Horizon Youth Centre (CHYC) is a youth-led, independent non-profit organization located in Cape Town. It was established by a group of young people in 2012 to instil creativity in African youth and engage them in the improvement of their own community. The main purpose of the organisation is to inculcate in the youth an understanding of their important role in the development of their communities and to assist them in participating constructively in community development, nation-building and to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship among youth. The Crystal Horizon Youth Centre (CHC) carries out research and capacity building exercises, as well as educational, public awareness and advocacy activities, and provides consulting services to young people, youth organisations and organisations that have youth in their mandate. Crystal Horizon Youth Centre assists new and already existing youth organizations and groups in their operations, by providing them with the necessary skills to better manage their operations and to ensure that we provide those skills which are lacking in many of these organisations. We are not reinventing the wheel by becoming another organisation providing services that are provided by the already running organisations, but rather we are assisting all these organisations in improving their operations so that they are efficient and effective in their operations.