November 5, 2015


The main aim of CHYC is to inculcate in the youth an understanding of their important role in the development of their communities and to assist them in participating constructively in community development, nation-building and to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship among youth.
The CHYC carries out research and capacity building exercises, as well as educational, public awareness and advocacy activities for young people, youth organisations and organisations that have youth in their mandate. Crystal Horizon Youth Centre is coming to assist new and already existing youth organizations and groups in their operations, by providing them with the necessary skills to better manage their operations and to ensure that we provide those skills which are lacking in many of these organizations.

We are not reinventing the wheel by becoming another organization providing services that are provided by the already running organisations, but rather we are assisting all these organizations in improving their operations so that they are efficient and effective in their operations.

Young people benefit from volunteering as well as making a contribution. On a practical level they can gain skills, knowledge and experience which they can take through into paid employment and their everyday life. It helps them to grow as people and learn the meaning of doing things for others – the value of good citizenship. Through volunteering young people can meet new people and make new friends.

The organization hopes to contribute to reduce poverty by promoting volunteering activities, socio-entrepreneurship community-based projects and increasing the number of young people who undertake sustainable development projects. Young people can assist with providing fresh ideas when crafting development policies as promoters of development and as peer educators combating HIV and developing social and environmental entrepreneurship initiatives. Young people are waiting for the opportunity to be used as assets in uplifting their communities out of poverty by creating the foundations for sustainable growth and prosperity.