November 5, 2015


This project seeks to establish and maintain a linked set of Services and Initiatives:
* Opening and operating a youth centre to support and promote youth in the following selected community focal points: Education and Culture, Volunteering, Socio- Entrepreneurship and Youth Health Project
* Producing a wider youth-focused portfolio of information and education resources on Education and culture, volunteering, creativity, entrepreneurship and youth health;
* Youth-to-youth exchanges and study trip among youth groups, Online E-Forums and a web portal to facilitate regular information sharing among the youth groups, exchange of ideas about common problems and issues facing youth. These will help young people learn what others are doing elsewhere and to see in what ways such successful projects can be implemented in their own communities, share research and resources, as well as build political will towards creating more opportunities for youth entrepreneurs (this will include a website, an email group, web discussion board , Facebook, Twitter& Youth networks).